The Information Superhighway – More than meets the eye.

Having recently moved my blog from a previous site to this one, it got me thinking about the purpose and the development of this medium of alternate (though fast becoming mainstream!) media.

The World of Blogging, and the Social Networking phenomenon.

Relatively new in the the electronic media circle but fast becoming the ordinary man’s voice in the greater chorus of world opinions. Essential to this is the notion that through this mouthpiece, the world can pay attention to the needs of even the most minute of causes. Nowadays, everybody is blogging and joining this global symphony – all the more reason for the thoughts, concerns, and convictions of a younger generation to filter through.

In this blog you will find my thoughts and those of others on a wide scope of issues – Life, Religion, Culture, Community, Media, Business, Relationships, Leadership, Character – All matters relevant to all of us in one way or another and many of which comprise a vital part in the fabric of human culture.

This is a forum where the inner thoughts of the young inquisitive mind, cluttered and all, can be filtered expressed, to be exposed to public scrutiny and to hopefully be a catalyst for intelligent dialogue on the things that really matter. Feel free to comment and contribute. Converse. Discuss. For it is only through clear, concise and direct dialogue can the human mind’s thinking processes remain a well-oiled machine. American writer Robert M. Hutchins once wrote, “Education is a kind of Dialogue; and a dialogue assumes different points of view”.

These are the thoughts of a young Christian, a young Samoan, a young member of the human family. An outlook on the world at large through the window of a curious young man’s mind, built on the foundations of his culture and purified through the eyes of Faith.



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