Religion & Relationship: Excerpts from my morning meditation at St. Peter’s, Rome.

“Jesus is my Saviour not my religion”. A little oversimplistic. A common line thrown about with little to no deeper contemplation on the connotations of the phrase in its entirety. To state the obvious and thwart any confusion, Jesus is my Saviour and yours. But I’m curious as to what this line tries to insinuate, and I suspect it goes alo t deeper than this intentionally provocative title suggests.

Christianity is a relationship-centred religion, which requires a strong and genuine religiosity or devotion to God to ensure the development and deepening of this relationship. Thus in Christianity, ‘Relationship’ & ‘Religion’ are essentially one, for one cannot have  a healthy and loving relationship without commitment and sacrifice nor can one hope to find joy in their relationships through blind, robotic religiosity. These factors makes our faith necessarily, a ‘religion OF relationship’, where we have the supreme privilege of being able to be in communion with our God, setting us apart definitively from all other beliefs via this means. Indeed, Jesus IS your Saviour and mine, and our religiosity in nurturing our relationship with Him allows us to sift through the relativistic and shallow teachings of modern consumer Christianity and rampant secularism into the deeper contemplation of truth, of a fulfilled life in Christ through the faith He has given to us through the Apostles and their successors.

‘Sia lodato Gesu Christo!’

My thoughts from this morning’s meditations.

St. Peter’s Basilica

Piazza San Pietro Vaticano Roma

Citta del Vaticano (Vatican City).


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